General Liability Defense

Today, more than ever, businesses must be prepared to handle both the risk and filing of lawsuits against them. How prepared businesses are to handle these claims could impact both the strength of the financial standing and future of their operations. Since our founding, Chartwell Law general liability defense attorneys have been advising and representing clients against claims resulting from property damage, personal injury, accidents, negligence, toxic torts, and bad faith.

Chartwell Law general liability or GL attorneys defend insureds, insurance companies, and self-insured entities from both the private and public sectors. Our clients range from independent businesses with one location to large organizations with operations spanning large regions and across the United States to large multi-national corporations. We represent some of the largest and most successful companies with operations either in multiple locations or who have to travel out of state to sustain their business operations. As a result, our GL attorneys have developed unique experience handling multi-state and multi-jurisdictional claims as well managing claims filed if a different state outside of our clients’ brick and mortar locations.

Our capacities include representing clients from a wide breadth of industries in cases concerning incidents unique to and inherent in those industries. Our clients hail from industries such as retail, hospitality, maritime and cruise, construction, finance, insurance, transportation, delivery services, manufacturing, healthcare, maintenance, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications among others. Chartwell Law’s general liability attorneys regularly handle GL claims arising from our clients’ premises or as a result of our clients’ business operations. These include incidents involving, but not limited to:

  • Air, train, shipping, trucking, and motor vehicle transport
  • Anti-hazing
  • Construction defect and accidents
  • DRAM Shop
  • Elevators
  • Fire and flooding
  • Healthcare
  • Premises negligence
  • Product liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property damage
  • Security negligence

Our attorneys handle cases from inception to resolution. We develop a litigation strategy focused on resolving a case based on our client’s business and legal goals, in a favorable, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Our attorneys work closely with their clients and maintain open and meaningful lines of communication, at all times, to ensure positive outcomes. At Chartwell Law, we provide cost-effective legal advice and representation and strive to resolve matters efficiently and swiftly. However, when litigation cannot be avoided, we are well-equipped and determined to successfully defend our clients.