Chartwell attorney able to have claimant's petition for psychological injury denied by judge

November 17, 2021
August 28, 2012

The Client:

Major division of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Situation:

Claimant's Claim Petition for a psychological injury was denied by the judge. The judge did not believe the claimant's claim that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of a confrontation with her supervisor. If the claim had not been denied the client would have been responsible for ongoing psychological treatment and for the claimant's disability related to her psychological problems. The client would have also been liable for total disability benefits related to the claimant's psychological problems. If the claim had not been denied, the claimant could have filed a claim for a recurrence any time she felt that she was mistreated by her supervisor.

The Chartwell Solution:

We successfully attacked the claimant and her husband's credibility by showing that how they reacted to the alleged confrontation with the supervisor did not make sense. We were able to show that the claimant's supervisor's version of their conversation was more believable than the version of the claimant and her husband. Thus the judge found the claimant's supervisor to be more credible than the claimant and her husband.