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Chartwell Law Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month with Angel Gomez

October 6, 2023
October 6, 2023

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Chartwell Law attorneys share their views on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal and professional lives.  This week, we hear from Angel Gomez of our White Plains office.

Can you tell us about a specific experience or Hispanic figure who influenced you?

I am proud of my Afro-Latino roots. When I see a fellow Dominican Afro-Latino/a break a barrier, such as Rhode Island Lt. Governor Sabina Matos who migrated to the United States at an early age and is now the second highest ranking government official in the state, I am reminded of the resiliency of our people. The tenacity and urge to overcome is so overwhelming in our community, and I am proud to not only be a part of that but also to be clothed in that same mentality.

How do you view the importance of diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace?

Diversity and Inclusion is extremely important in today’s workplace. According to the US Census Bureau, the Hispanic/Latino community is the second largest racial or ethnic group in the country, at a little over 18%. This means that today’s companies are serving the Hispanic/Latino community about 20% of the time and in many cases more. It is not only good business to ensure that the people you are serving are served by people like them, but also it is the right thing to do!

What diversity and inclusion changes would you like to see in the future of the legal industry?

I would like to see more Afro-Latinos in leadership roles. While the legal industry is making some strides in that direction, there is a lot of work to be done. It is not enough to market Black and Brown Attorneys and/or staff when convenient. We should also have opportunities to lead and succeed as well.