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Meet Maor

Chartwell Law's Chief Information and Operations Officer

October 18, 2023
October 18, 2023

Chartwell Law Chief Information & Operations Officer Maor Levy directs the firm’s technical vision and development, including cybersecurity measures. Maor shares some advice and a little bit about himself in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

As we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month, can you share the best practices you follow to stay safe online and protect your own data?

Cybersecurity is a top priority. I use complex, unique passwords for each of my accounts and double up with two-factor authentication wherever feasible. Regular software updates, especially security patches, are non-negotiable. I am extremely cautious about email communications, double-checking the sender's authenticity. Continuous education and awareness are pivotal. I stay informed about the latest cybersecurity threats and trends, both for personal safety and to enhance our firm’s security measures.

What kind of computer do you use at home?

I work on a high-performance desktop computer with large widescreens at home so that I can manage multiple programs and documents simultaneously. I've invested in an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and chair to ensure comfort during the long hours in front of the computer.

You’re stranded on a desert island. What’s the one piece of technology you can’t live without?

A device that translates animal language. It would make conversations with my new island pals (both the friendly and not-so-friendly ones) a whole lot more interesting. Who knows, maybe the crabs have some valuable survival tips!

Aside from all things technology, what is your secret hobby or talent?

I'm really into woodworking! I get a kick out of building barn tables, cutting boards, and all sorts of cool stuff from wood. It's my way of getting my hands dirty and creating something awesome out of plain old timber. Keeps me sane in this crazy digital world!

What is your favorite emoji?

is my go-to emoji. It’s just so cheerful! In the world of law and tech, keeping things positive is my motto. This little guy perfectly captures my sunny outlook on life!