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What is the Impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey Workers' Compensation?

New Jersey
November 17, 2021
April 2, 2020

With the quick spread of COVID-19, many New Jersey employers are questioning the impact of the virus on the state’s workers’ compensation system.  Specifically, is the virus a compensable illness that arises out of and in the course of employment? Below are frequently asked questions we answer in a short, informative video.  

1. Are COVID-19 claims covered for purposes of workers’ compensation benefits in New Jersey?

2. During this time, who is considered a public safety worker? 

3. What about the workers’ compensation claims we already have? For example, what about a claimant who is going to the doctor and now she is nervous about going to that medical provider’s office and being exposed to the Coronavirus. 

4. When you have an injured worker who doesn't want to go to physical therapy or go to on-site treatment, but he does and he gets COVID-19, if he thinks that's something he caught from the doctor’s office, is his employer responsible? Is that something they need to consider as part of the New Jersey workers’ comp claim?

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