Workers' compensation claim with a potential liability in excess of $150,000 denied in its entirety

November 17, 2021

The Client:

A large national insurer.

The Situation:

A Montgomery County workers' compensation claimant alleged injury in the nature of a fractured cervical vertebrae from what he claimed was a work-related incident. The potential liability for Chartwell's client exceeded $150,000.

The Chartwell Solution:

On behalf of the client, Chartwell presented factual and medical defenses demonstrating that claimant's departure from the workplace was for personal reasons and that work remained available. Evidence also indicated that the claimant was not candid in his testimony about his medical history before the Judge. Although the parties mediated the case and reached a tentative settlement, said settlment ultimately did not go through as the Judge decided the case on the merits, finding that claimant's testimony lacked credibility. Claimant's request for medical and disability benefits was denied in its entirety.