Chartwell Client Prevails in Workers' Compensation Hearing


The Client:

A mental health care facility

The Situation:

Claimant filed a workers compensation claim for a torn medial meniscus in her knee.  Claimant’s medical expert opined that the Claimant would likely need a total knee replacement as a result of the alleged work injury.

During trial, Chartwell presented six fact witnesses to rebut the Claimant’s allegation that her injury occurred at work.  The witnesses confirmed that the Claimant had been complaining of knee pain as a result of an incident that occurred at home.  Further, it was established that the Claimant did not report a work injury until a week after she was terminated for cause.

The Result:

The Judge denied and dismissed the claim petition, saving Chartwell’ s client as much as $42,000 per year in indemnity benefits, plus the cost of medical treatment including knee surgery and a future knee replacement.