Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has become increasingly popular for treatment of work injuries and chronic pain, throughout the country. As states take efforts to stop opioid addiction and limit the use of those medications, many have advanced efforts for legalization of medical marijuana.  However, laws about medical marijuana differ from state to state and federal law still treats marijuana as a prohibited Schedule 1 drug. This creates questions about how medical marijuana can be used in the context of a workers’ compensation claim and how an employer can address an employee who is using medical marijuana, all of which can be incredibly confusing for employers. 

Our attorneys have been involved with this emerging issue at virtually every stage, from providing insight to legislators on proposed new medical marijuana laws and how those laws might impact employers and insurers to subsequently consulting those employers and insurers about how to proceed under the new laws. We provide complete analysis and guidance throughout the claim process and remain committed to providing our clients with successful outcomes. 

Chartwell Law has several attorneys located throughout the country, who have worked on the complicated issues that arise from continually changing medical marijuana laws.