Real Estate

Chartwell Law’s real estate lawyers understand real estate law and the intricacies of commercial and residential real estate transactions. We assist clients in the purchase, sale or transfer of commercial and residential property, as well as with a variety of related services, including closing services, title insurance, broker/agent representation, title and real property claims, and real estate litigation.

Title Matters

Our attorneys provide title searches and insurance, ensure accurate documentation throughout the process and coordinate involved parties to guarantee timely disbursement of funds. Our team knows that it is imperative that any title issues be uncovered and resolved early, communicating clearly throughout the process.

Real Estate Broker Deals

We also represent real estate brokers and agents, protecting them against real estate deal mishaps. Unfortunately, there are times when events surrounding a deal are out of the broker/agent control. In these instances, it’s important for the brokers/agents to protect their ability to make a living. Our extensive real estate experience gives us the in-depth legal knowledge, as well as the understanding of the possible consequences, to handle the issue diplomatically and assertively. We put our clients first as we navigate the matter, and resolve it quickly and cost-efficiently.

Real Estate Litigation

In matters of real estate litigation and title insurance claims, having well-informed, seasoned real estate attorneys can offer a significant advantage. Whether the matter goes to litigation or settles prior, our attorneys work diligently to advocate our client’s position and reduce their exposure.

Our real estate litigation experience includes E&O claims against brokers and agents, landlord/tenant litigation, property insurance coverage disputes, claims for injury to real property, title claims litigation, and REO claims and issues. Our attorneys have also represented the title insurance industry and insured purchasers and lenders in all aspects of title insurance coverage and related title claims litigation. We are adept at the analysis of lien priorities and the action needed to clear title to conform to the insurance coverage.