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Women's History Month - Hear from the Women at Chartwell Law

Chartwell Law attorneys share their views on the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal and professional lives.


In celebration of Women's History Month, we are excited to amplify the voices of the women at Chartwell Law.

We recently sat down with Lisa Cavallaro and Amanda Bartley who answered the thought-provoking question: How do you view your role as a leader among women in the legal field? Abriana Horton responded to a critical issue facing many women in the workplace: How do you view the importance of work/life balance for women in today’s workplace?


Lisa Cavallaro (Philadelphia, PA): Being a leader in the legal field means breaking barriers while serving as both a role model and mentor to future generations of women. Women often balance their roles in the legal field with their career ambitions and roles as mothers and caretaker - all while navigating the challenges and biases unique to women. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to help by sharing my own experiences and the lessons I have learned over the course of my career to facilitate younger women's journeys through their own legal careers. 

Amanda Bartley (Fort Myers, FL): I view my role as a leader among women in the legal field as an extremely important one. Historically, women have been underrepresented in the legal field. However, this is changing as more women are graduating from law school than men. My job as a leader is to show other women that it is feasible to be married, have children, volunteer, and rise within your career. Over the years, many women reached out their hands to me to help me rise to the top, and I was always told to put out my hand for the next woman in line and to celebrate her success.

Abriana Horton (Atlanta, GA): As a women’s college graduate, I have always been hyper aware of not only the importance, but the necessity of maintaining a work/life balance. This looks different for everyone. The failure to even attempt at harmonizing both work and personal aspects of your life can have mental, emotional, and physical effects on our health. This is critical for women, especially those with families. These effects often reveal themselves as unhappiness, unfulfillment, and burn-out, which leads to poor performance. The more both are prioritized, the more seamless they become, and the more both are enjoyed. Therefore, a company culture that encourages women to strike a balance between their professional and personal life can only thrive as a result.