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WEBINAR: Elements and Defenses to Claim Petitions
September 23, 2021
Current Hot Topics in Workers' Compensation in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia
July 28, 2021
WEBINAR: The Course and Scope of Employment
July 22, 2021
PA Workers' Comp Quick Hitters: Positive Work Order Defense

Current Hot Topics in Workers' Compensation in Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia

The Course & Scope of Employment

How to Properly Use the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Bureau Forms

An Overview of South Carolina Workers' Compensation

An Overview of New Jersey Workers' Compensation

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Other Mental Health Workers' Compensation Claims Arising During COVID-19

An Overview of Massachusetts Workers' Compensation

An Overview of Connecticut Workers' Compensation

An Overview of New York Workers' Compensation

A General Overview of Maryland Workers' Compensation

The Dangers of Untimely Filings – What Employers Need to Know

Dealing with The CARES Act and the Current Status of Offsets in Pennsylvania Workers Compensation

Breaking Down the Recent NJ Appellate Court Ruling Limiting Out-of-State Medical Provider Claims

Maryland Workers’ Compensation: What is Considered a Work-Related-Injury for At-Home Employees?

Protecting Your Retail Operations From Insurance And Legal Claims In A Post COVID-19 Marketplace

Legal Developments and Hot Topics in New York Workers' Compensation

Navigating Uncertain Waters Handling Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Cases During a Pandemic

How Will the New COVID-19 Law Impact Your Business and the Current State of New Jersey Workers' Compensation?

Ask the Experts: Dealing with Challenging Workers' Comp Issues in Maryland

Will Pending Federal Covid-19 Legislation Preempt Longstanding State Laws Regarding the Burden of Proof in Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Are PA Workers Compensation Attorney Fees Now Taken from Medical Benefits Too?

Top 10 COVID-19 Tips for Employers: Cares Act Tax Provisions Edition

Update on Third Party Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreements in Pennsylvania

Using the COVID-19 Shutdown to Enhance the University Brand

Top 10 COVID-19 Tips for Employers

Work Related Injuries... From Home

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Florida’s Workers’ Compensation?

Reimbursement of College Tuition and Fees After COVID-19

What to Cover When Interviewing a PA Employee with a Covid-19 Diagnosis

A discussion on how a Pennsylvania employer might respond to a report from an employee with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis who believes it may be work-related

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey Workers' Compensation?

With the quick spread of COVID-19, many New Jersey employers are questioning the impact of the virus on the state’s workers’ compensation system.

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