Construction Litigation and Construction Defect

Chartwell Law’s Construction Practice Group has extensive experience representing businesses, individuals, and insurance companies in a wide range of construction-related matters. Our attorneys regularly represent owners, contractors, developers, qualifying agents, architects, engineers and other design professionals, product manufacturers and sureties.

Our attorneys handle claims arising out of property damage, contract disputes, building code violations, structural issues,component failure events, water intrusion, mold, defective drywall, sinkholes,personal injury, and wrongful death. Our team’s unique experience -party, complex construction cases enhances our attorneys’ focused analysis and litigation of significant coverage questions for insurers.  

We have successfully defended claims valued in the multiple millions of dollars involving residential, commercial, and federal government property, condominiums,high rises, single family homes, warehouses, construction job sites, and completed construction projects. While several of our attorneys have prior experience in the fields of construction and design, all have significant legal knowledge and experience which fosters cost-effective and expeditious responses for our clients. Our attorneys also offer risk and litigation management evaluations as well as coverage analyses and opinions.  

Chartwell Law attorneys defend a wide variety of claims including:

•      Building Code Violation

•      Building System Failure

•      Contractual Indemnity/Contract Disputes

•      Defective Chinese Drywall

•      Employer Liability

•      Flood

•      Hurricane

•      Job site Injury & Wrongful Death

•      Mold

•      Negligent Construction, Construction

•      Defect,Design Defect

•      OSHA Compliance, Workplace Safety Issues

•      Property Damage

•      Water Intrusion, Building Envelope

Our team also routinely provides:

•      Contract interpretation and review

•      Insurance coverage analyses and opinions

•      Risk and litigation management evaluations