Cargo, Trucking and Logistics

Chartwell Law’s transportation attorneys have extensive experience in handling coverage, defense and subrogation matters for our clients dealing with all modes of transportation, cargo and logistics.

When a trucking accident does occur, we have a rapid response system that enables us to take immediate measures to protect our clients’ interests, preserve evidence, and avoid claims of spoliation.  Our 24-hour response team consists of our attorneys and accident reconstruction experts, available to ensure that our client’s interests are fully represented.  Our meticulous attention to detail and experience in the field ensures that physical, photographed, and ECM/EDR (“black box”) data is preserved to allow our clients to minimize exposure and maximize potential for a favorable settlement or verdict.

At Chartwell Law, we understand the various rules and regulations that apply to trucking-related activities. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the complex international conventions and U.S. federal regulations that can come into play in cargo claims matters, including COGSA and the Carmack Amendment.  We represent trucking and logistics companies, including intrastate, interstate and international carriers, owner-operators, freight forwarders and transportation brokers, as well as their insurers, regarding defense and subrogation actions in federal and state courts across the country. Chartwell Law litigators have successfully taken cases, involving a wide range of trucking-related claims, to verdict at the arbitration, trial and appellate levels.

In the coverage area, our experience extends to matters involving motor carrier and trucking as well as policies relating to property, general liability and cargo claims. Our attorneys provide coverage opinions for our insurance clients on a wide range of transportation-related issues. We also represent our insurance clients in declaratory judgment actions that arise from coverage disputes. We also assist our clients in drafting and reviewing terms and conditions for bills of lading, contracts of carriage, broker agreements and other shipping documents, as well as policy language trucking risks.  

At Chartwell Law, we aggressively defend trucking and transportation matters. Our attorneys handle all aspects of trucking claims involving personal injuries and wrongful deaths, including complex matters such as catastrophic injuries, chain collisions involving multiple plaintiffs, and underriding accidents. For matters that result in NTSB investigation, we provide a comprehensive suite of services that rely on our understanding of the challenges such inquiries can pose to risk management. We also handle claims concerning property damage and cargo claims that involve all types of cargoes, including heavy equipment/machinery, dry and liquid cargoes, and hazardous cargoes.

Our experience in the field has resulted in the steady accumulation of experts who have proven their effectiveness through not only their technical expertise, but through our use of their testimony in both depositions and at trials.  We consider our experts to be a vital part of our litigation team, and, over the years, our relationship with them has created unmatched accessibility and efficiency, which contributes to bringing a claim to a favorable conclusion.

We also dedicate significant time to educate our clients on how to avoid litigation. Additionally, we continuously inform our clients on the current state of the law, and we communicate with our clients on ways to modify policies and procedures, in order to ensure the best possible result, should litigation arise from a collision.